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Technology has allowed us to start new companies, new communities, and new currencies. But can we use it to create new cities, or even new countries?


balajis (7)

Infinite frontier, immutable money, eternal life. #Bitcoin

Bored Elon

Bored Elon (1)

Thoughts + inventions from Elon in his downtime. Electronic hyper-PARODY account, and intergalactic creator. Purveyor of Martian lifestyle, games and goods.

John Palmer

John Palmer (3)

John is a project leader with a background in product design and software engineering. These days, he's mostly interested in spatial software and crypto.

Jon Stokes

Jon Stokes (2)

Jon is one of the founders of Ars Technica, and is currently writing a newsletter on AI and cryptocurrency at

Murtaza Hussain

Murtaza Hussain (1)

A writer on national security and foreign policy at The Intercept with an interest in the sociopolitical impacts of blockchain and crypto technology.

Mwiya Musokotwane

Mwiya Musokotwane (1)

Fanatical about advancing Africa. Optimist. Building a network of cities in Africa. Co-founder of @Nkwashi_ & @explorer_school.

Theodor Marcu

Theodor Marcu (1)

I currently program computers and help users at Retool. I also started, a tech nonprofit that helps organizations fight gerrymandering across the US.

Xen Baynham-Herd

Xen Baynham-Herd (1)

Crypto Builder. Let’s build a better world. Former COO at

Zion Lights

Zion Lights (1)

Zion Lights is a science communicator and Co-Founder of Emergency Reactor.