Community Newsletter 002

Welcome to 1729's weekly community newsletter for the week of April 3, 2022.

Meeting Recap

Last week's meeting featured two lightning talks:

We'll post links to the videos when we get the hosting situation sorted.


NFTs at 1729

There's an NFT working group on token gating that's being headed up by fabianuribe#7515 and reisr.eth#8796, so if you're interested in this and have some development skills in this area, please get in touch.

There's also another thread on using NFTs for author royalties that's being started by neodaoist#2032, so look for that in the #writers channel.

As a bit of background on these threads, per a recent lightning talk, our NFT needs fall into the following main categories:

Right now POAPs are working fine for attendance, and there's some other promising stuff going on there that we'll see a lightning talk about soon.

Achievements are kind of simple, kind of not simple. This is a pretty straightforward NFT token, but it would be nice if there was some kind of way to use a parent NFT to stamp or sign a child NFT. That way, I could delegate some NFT minting to certain community members by giving them a parent NFT.

Access is what the NFT working group is working on, and right now the focus is on token-gated content. So we'd put this newsletter behind a token gate.

Monetization is for the public-facing newsletter, and involves writers minting NFTs and getting royalties. We're still noodling on that as well, so if anyone is fired up about this then check out the aforementioned thread.

POAPs update

There was a problem with the POAPs for Community Gathering 001, in that I never got the links from I'm in their Discord trying to get support on this, and they seem to be having some growing pains. I ended up compounding the problem by mistakenly sending out the wrong POAP for the first gathering.

What's next: There's a new POAP badge for community gatherings, based on the entry by fabianuribe#7515 that won our POAP art contest. So I'll redoing all three of the most recent POAPs and sending them all out in a large batch. Watch your email for these.

Member Spotlight

(Note: The writer's group voting for this week isn't done until Sunday, so I'll announce that next week.)

Calls to Action & Meetups

I've consolidated these two sections because we don't have any calls to action this week or meetups scheduled. It would be great to have some to include in the next newsletter, so please check the forms below and get those in!

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