Community Newsletter 007

Welcome to 1729's weekly community newsletter for the week of May 1, 2022.

Meeting Recap

We had two lightning talks this past week:

If you want to give a lightning talk about a project you're working on or a topic you're passionate about, you can find more info on how to do this on the Member Resources page.

Member Resources
How to Start a New Country: a lecture series in virtual reality on the concept of the network state.

Announcements & Asks

There's a bit of a re-org in this edition of the newsletter, as I'm experimenting with combining the announcements with the CTAs, and rebranding the latter as simply "asks."  The first part of the reasoning behind this is that there is no real mechanism for tracking completion of CTAs and rewarding participants, so these are less like real Network Union CTAs vs. simple, open-ended asks. The second part of my reasoning is that right now, most of what would go in the "Announcements" section also comes paired with an ask for participation or contribution of some kind.

So with that preamble out of the way, on to the Announcements and Asks:

1729ers, show your work

Background: Our community is full of builders, and the main thing builders want to do is build. But we're in a learning phase right now, where the main thing we're trying to build is knowledge, muscles, reflexes, and the like – the things we'll need to create the Network Union and, eventually, the Network State.

These two things are necessarily in contradiction, though, because the best way to learn is by building. So we want to put together a list of Network State-aligned projects that 1729ers are currently involved with in leadership roles. To begin building this list, I put a CTA in #lectures asking for links and information to projects that the community is involved in. I got a ton of really inspiring responses, which I want to put into some kind of sheet or resource for the community.

The ask: I actually have two asks for this:

  1. Drop into the thread titled #lectures -> 1729 Builder Thread and let us know what you're working on.
  2. It would be awesome if someone with a few spare cycles could compile all the responses into some sort of page – possibly as a pull request in the github/1729/community repo – so that we can keep track of who is doing what in some centralized fashion.


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