Community Newsletter 009

Welcome to 1729's weekly community newsletter for the week of May 15, 2022.

Meeting Recap

This past meeting featured a potentially important but hopefully (fingers crossed!) completely useless lecture from joshcenters.eth#9598 entitled "How to Survive a Nuclear Bomb." You can find the slides and the talk video in the community repo.

May this content never, ever be relevant to your interests.

Announcements & Asks

We're changing the lightning talk format so that there's less "lightning" and more "talk." Many presenters have asked for a bit more time, and many community members have asked for more discussion at the end of these, so we're going to try the following new format:

This means there's only one thing to discuss and nobody's discussion gets shortchanged, as has happened a few times in the past because I was rushing to the second talk.

The #lectures => 1729 Builder thread results are in, and they provide a great overview of some of the work being done by 1729ers. I've complied these into a YAML file in the community repo, and will take pull requests to add new projects to it:

community/community-projects.yaml at master ยท 1729/community
Contribute to 1729/community development by creating an account on GitHub.

If you're a 1729 builder and have a project we can add to this repo, please get in touch with me (jonstokes#1729) in Discord with a link to your PR, and I'll check it out and get it merged.

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