Create a Task

Create a Task

There are two ways to create a 1729 task:

  1. Create and fund a task yourself.
  2. Create a task proposal that someone else funds. That funder may be 1729 itself, or it may be a task sponsor who likes your work.

Either way, all you need is Ghost, Google Forms, and Figma to write a task.

Task Creation

Here's all you need to create a perfect task:

  1. Get set up with Ghost. You can set up your own Ghost as a hosted version at or a self-hosted version via something like
  2. Write a Ghost post introducing the task like the others you've seen on Keep these relatively short, under ~1000 words.
  3. Use Google Forms to generate a task form. Feel free to model your copy on ours. Embed the Google Form at the end of your Ghost post using these instructions. You may copy the 1729 template (title, fields, etc.) directly from this Google Form to create your own form.
  4. Use Figma to generate a cover image in our style, just like these. You can use libraries like IconFinder, Bootstrap, or Font Awesome to help illustrate abstract concepts with SVG images. You may copy 1729 image assets (background, crypto symbol, etc.) directly from this Figma file to create your own image.

That's it!

Task Funding

Once you've created a task, submit the form below. We will send you an invoice with a crypto address to deposit funds for the task prizes. We prefer BTC, ETH, or USDC, but can also fund a task using any of the coins listed on Coinbase.

Task Content

In addition to the logistics of creating a task, let us share some guidance on the types of content that fits our audience. You should have a sense of the aesthetic and content so far from the examples we've already published. But here are a few more ideas:

These are just ideas. Feel free to modify them to suit your needs or those of your business.

Task Prizes

We recommend a simple task prize structure, such as $1000 per task with ten $100 winners per task. The more complex the structure, the harder the task tends to be to score. That said, if you need alternative structures (such as a $1000 grand prize and runners up) we may be able to accommodate that.

Task Submission

Once you have created a task, please submit the following:

Please use the form below.

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