Member Resources

This page contains links and other information for members of the community.


Before asking any questions of the staff in Discord, please review the FAQ:

How to Start a New Country: a lecture series in virtual reality on the concept of the network state.

VR event basics

Community rules

These rules are pinned to the top of the #lectures channel:

  1. Treat everyone with respect.
  2. No spam or self-promotion (includes DMing fellow 1729'ers).
  3. No NSFW or offensive content.
  4. Respect pseudonymity. Don't doxx.
  5. If you see something, say something.
  6. Please put all bug and tech support requests in #bugs.


  1. Never share private keys or passwords with anyone.
  2. Do not click on links or download files from people you don't know.
  3. Never send funds to anyone you don’t know.
  4. Be sure you’re on the right URL - our official domains are and


  1. Win and Help Win
  2. Truth, Health, Wealth
  3. Learn, Burn, Earn

Earning and claiming POAPs

You earn POAPs by filling out a brief survey after you've attended a lecture. The POAPs will go to whatever email address you used in your original 1729 application.

Here's a guide for how to claim your POAPs:

content/ at master · 1729/content
Open-source backend for content at, beginning with the Network State lecture series. - content/ at master · 1729/content


Meetups are arranged in the #meetups channel, usually in region-specific threads. Once a group schedules a meetup, the host should use this form to notify the rest of the community that it's happening.

Meetups that you put into the form above will go into this calendar, which any of our members can subscribe to:

Google Kalender
Mit dem kostenlosen Online-Kalender von Google behalten Sie ganz einfach den Überblick über alle wichtigen Termine.

If you're hosting a meetup, please review the following guide for format, procedures, and expectations:

content/ at master · 1729/content
Open-source backend for content at, beginning with the Network State lecture series. - content/ at master · 1729/content

Lightning Talks ⚡️

We regularly host lightning talks at the gatherings. These are talks on a topic the presenter knows really well and that's network-state-aligned. Example subject areas would be nuclear fusion, transhumanism, scientific publishing, blockchain as a source of cryptographically verifiable truth, and digital identity and pseudonymity.

Members who want to sign up to give a lightning talk (5-10 mins) can do so, here:

You can view the current schedule of lightning talks, here:

To give a lightning talk, you'll go through the following process:

  1. Apply at the link above.
  2. Once it's approved, I'll tag you in the #lectures -> Lightning Talks thread in and let you know.
  3. You'll make an account at and use that to record a 5-10 minute talk.
  4. You'll then ping me in the #lectures -> Lightning Talks thread with a link to your file so I can view it and approve it.
  5. At the meeting where you're scheduled to present, we'll play your talk on the big screen and you'll be available for questions afterwards. (This pre-recorded approach means we can screen ahead of time and also make sure the talks are compact and free of hiccups).

Calls to Action 📣

If you've not read the essay on The Network Union – a description of what is essentially an on-chain social network that's a precursor to a network state – please do so in order to get a sense for where we're trying to take 1729 in its next phase.

The Network Union
The network union is the antecedent of the network state: a social network with a blockchain, a leader, and a purpose.

If you'd like to contribute to the upcoming newsletters or gatherings, please fill out the form below describing your proposed contribution.

Examples of things to submit as CTAs:

Examples of things not to submit as CTAs:

You can view the current CTAs in the board below:

When you submit a request via the form, it'll show up in "Uncategorized." I'll either move it to "Approved" or delete it if it's not relevant.

When a request is "Active," that means we should all be doing it. I'll also list the currently active requests below, and go through them at the meeting, so we can hit them.

Newsletter Submissions and 1729 Writer's Group 🗞

Right now, there are two 1729 newsletters in varying stages of execution:

  1. A public-facing newsletter that replaces the earlier newsletter and goes out to all the subscribers on the 1729 mailing list. This will consist of a digest of the top posts from the 1729 Writer's Group.
  2. An internal-only newsletter, i.e. the newsletter you're reading right now. This is for internal announcements and community business, and will not go out to the larger mailing list.

We're asking the community for submissions to the public-facing newsletter, so if you either want to write something or have a piece that you think is 1729-related and a good candidate, here's the current recommended process for getting that promoted via the main newsletter:

  1. Ping MattHarder#4114 or jonstokes#1729 about getting added to the #writers channel, which is where the 1729 Writer's Group meets.
  2. We'll get you set up with so that you can get your work into the community publication that the writers use to see each others' work, and where it can also be voted on by the community.
  3. If we think it's a good fit for the newsletter, we'll add it!

Note that the above process is a work-in-progress and will definitely change. At the very least, we're working on developing an internal 1729 NFT-based content economy, just to try it out. This will involve the writer minting an NFT for each piece, so that the NFT is listed in the main newsletter alongside the link to the piece, can can be bought from the author. But much more on that when we have updates.

NFT Working Group(s)

Right now there's a working group on NFTs that's focused on enabling POAP-gated content, so we can restrict some kinds of content to members who attend the lectures. You can find this effort in the #lectures => POAP gated content thread.

We may do another NFT group that's focused on royalties for 1729 authors, or we may roll that into the aforementioned token-gated content group. This page will be updated when we know more, and we'll also mention it in the community newsletter.

Proof of Workout Group

We have an ongoing Proof of Workout thread where we set fitness challenges for ourselves and each other. A winner of the week is voted on, and gets a shout-out in our community newsletter.

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